Property Management

Why Engage a Professional Property Manager

You have seen the current affairs programs and heard the horror stories from other investors!  But did you know that the majority of these cases are from self-managed investors?  Often investors do not have a full understanding of the Residential Tenancies Act and fall victim to what we call in the industry, ‘The Professional Tenants’.

Self-managing your property should only be tackled if you have a sound knowledge of all the relative legislation and tenants’ rights and responsibilities. Another critical factor is always ensuring the tenants are thoroughly reference checked.  Unfortunately as a private landlord you are not privy to the ‘bad tenant databases’ agents have access to and therefore you could be convinced you are putting in the “dream tenants” when the reality is very different.

But, you have engaged a professional property management team before only to be let down with false promises and unsatisfactory service.

Here at Ross Toy Real Estate, it alarms us that we continue to hear these comments frequently within our industry. However, we know exactly why this is the case...

Traditional Real Estate agents are typically known for their Sales departments, the licensee/principal has purchased a rent roll to maintain his or her database knowing very little to nothing about the ins and outs of property management. They employ administration staff, quiet often inexperienced or not even qualified, to run the Property Management Department, which often results in poor service.

Did you know that to be a property manager in South Australia you do not need to hold any formal qualifications or registrations? And did you know that the average, possibly unqualified, property manager in South Australia manages approximately fifty million dollars’ worth of property every day? (based on the median sales price metropolitan Adelaide $380,500.00 March 2012 found on multipled by the common industry known ratio as 1 staff member to 140 properties)

A well-known ‘franchise name’ out the front of the real estate office does not guarantee high quality property management like we can offer at Ross Toy Real Estate. Our core business is property management, in which we have award winning, experienced and qualified staff. We only employ staff who hold a minimum of Certificate 4 in Property Services SA, or are completing this qualification through a traineeship. Our staff members are encouraged to obtain their Diploma in Land Services at their earliest convenience.

Our Award winning licensee Alisha Toy has been entrusted with several hundred investment properties to manage -  for good reason! - and we would be pleased to extend to you the same exceptional service.

That’s why here at Ross Toy we are changing real estate, in particular Property Management.