Property Management

Our Commitment and Service Standards

A new breed of Real Estate Agent is now born……….Unlike some other licensees, whom we believe ignore the fundamental aspects of real estate, we have built Ross Toy Real Estate around these four core values;


After many years of experience in the Real Estate Industry, you have told us that your main concerns and complaints with your current property managers are;

It is no surprise that you are concerned about the lack of training of your property managers.

Did you know that, to be a property manager in South Australia, there is no requirement for formal qualification or registration (source Real Estate Training College SA,

Despite this lack of training, however, the average property manager is responsible for approximately $50 million dollars’ worth of property.
(based on the median sales price metropolitan Adelaide $380,500.00 March 2012 found on multipled by the common industry known ratio as 1 staff member to 140 properties)

At Ross Toy Real Estate we offer, and are trained in, real estate sales but our main focus is property management.

Because property management is our focus and our area of expertise, we can guarantee that we will always abide by our four core values and deliver the service that you deserve.

So stop your frustration, disappointment and headaches and call Ross Toy Real Estate on (08) 8447 3777.